Wednesday, 28 October 2009

"The Diploma" and other New Labour language crimes

Whenever I get around to writing a guide to Idlish, a large chapter will be devoted to the inanity of the present government. New Labour seems to have no feel for the language and is happy to abuse it at every opportunity. Surprisingly (?) this trend is most noticeable in education. Grant-maintained schools were renamed "foundation" schools despite their having no foundation; many high schools have been misleadingly and confusingly rebranded as "specialist colleges"; and now they've called the new school-leaving qualifications "The Diploma", despite the fact that diplomas, unlike certificates, have traditionally normally been further-education qualifications. The pattern here is clear: take something relatively high-level and grand-sounding and misapply it to the ordinary, everyday stuff that the morons in the Government think will otherwise sound too boring.

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